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Hundreds of agencies around the country have discovered Eastlan. Whether you utilize Eastlan data submitted by the station, through rep firms like Katz, McGavren, Local Focus, Regional Reps or Tacher or you access the data directly from us---you'll find Eastlan data is complete and easy to use.

Complete demos in all dayparts and larger sample sizes balanced to the zip code level means Eastlan data is more consistent. There is no learning curve with Eastlan's data. View any Eastlan market in your favorite media buying program. Eastlan data is fully compatible with Strata View and Advantage.

Whether you're doing comprehensive market-wide analysis or just making a quick two-deep buy based on 25-44 females, we hope you’ll use Eastlan data to help with your radio buying decisions. To put Eastlan to work for you, e-mail us


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