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"When we switched from Nielsen to Eastlan in our Charleston, West Virginia market almost four years ago, we wondered if our agency business would drop. It did not! We actually saw increases in all agency business (local agency, national, and regional) during each of the first two years after the change. While we do not attribute these increases to the change in ratings vendors, this did give us confidence to make the change from Nielsen to Eastlan in our final market: Johnson City/Kingsport/Bristol (Tri-Cities TN/VA)

We have used Eastlan Ratings at our Paducah, Kentucky cluster for about 20 years and in Charleston for four years. We have found the Eastlan data to be well accepted and the cost to be far easier to absorb in today's challenging radio environment. And, we have had great customer service from our rep, Scott Gilreath, company president, Mike Gould, and everyone at Eastlan."
Roger Bouldin, Secretary/General Manager
Bristol Broadcasting Company, Bristol VA 

"We did extensive research before moving from Nielsen to Eastlan 3 years ago and discovered they have a lot of happy clients. Now after three years of experience using Eastlan, we find that contrary to what some would have lead us to believe, we've seen no negative impact or attrition from either our National, Regional or Local advertisers. In fact, it's been positive as our business is up. Our decision to renew long-term with Eastlan reflects our confidence in the product moving forward. It was really a no brainer."
Mark Bass, Market Manager
Centennial Broadcasting, Fredericksburg VA 

"When we were faced with Nielsen exiting our market our first concern was 'how much National and Regional business will be lost due to a switch in ratings providers'. It’s been over six months now and the answer is “zero”. As a matter of fact our CPP ratings have actually increased with Eastlan and we’re now bidding National and Regional at higher rates and still exceeding the buyers efficiency goals. We’re impressed."
Michael O’Shea, President
Amaturo Sonoma Media Group, Santa Rosa CA 

"Eastlan has proven to be a reliable and responsive partner in the past, now that relationship is growing to another Neuhoff market-Decatur IL. Our objective is to provide our client partners with the data they need to make the most informed decisions possible. Eastlan allows us to meet that objective."
Mike Hulvey, CEO
Neuhoff Media/Danville, Illinois 

"We've been a big believer in data-driven strategy for decades, and I'm excited about Eastlan's new continuous service! The ROI from Eastlan works better for us."
Cameron Maxwell, President/CEO
Desert Mountain Broadcasting, Billings MT 

“After considerable deliberation among our Corporate staff, Market Managers and Sales team, we concluded that the Eastlan radio audience measurement services will provide us with credible data at a very efficient cost."
Allen Shaw, President & CEO
Centennial Broadcasting, Fredericksburg and Winchester VA


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