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Woodward Communications Latest Group To Switch

December 11, 2008
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Mike Gould, Eastlan (877-886-3320)

Bell says Eastlan appears a "much better business model for the overall success of our group."

Echoing a theme that is becoming increasingly familiar, Woodward Communications has become the latest broadcaster to save jobs by switching ratings providers. Woodward has reached a long-term agreement with Eastlan Ratings to provide twice yearly audience measurement in two Wisconsin markets: Appleton/Oshkosh and Green Bay.

"As an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company we take seriously the ability to reward deserving employees and invest in the communities we serve," remarked Woodward Communications Vice President Greg Bell. "The R.O.I. for the traditional diary service has become invasive to these commitments. Eastlan allows us to continue to measure the market twice a year with an increased sampling and significant savings."

Bell went on to say, "We strongly considered Eastlan five years ago and passed. I've never been quite comfortable with that decision. We've continued discussions with Mike Gould and Bud Janes at Eastlan and with some of their clients. We've now signed with Eastlan. Their product appears to be a much better business model for the overall success of our group."

After several months of diligence, Bell concluded, "Market ratings should be a tool for better service to the advertising community, not a burden on our industry R.O.I.  Eastlan is a refreshing option with increased sampling and a more user-friendly pricing model."

"We're looking forward to providing service in Appleton/Oshkosh and Green Bay in 2009," said Eastlan President/CEO Mike Gould. "They are among the first markets we are aware of that are scheduled to have Eastlan, Arbitron and Nielsen's aided-recall sticker book measurement fielded concurrently.


Eastlan Ratings is privately held media-research firm headquartered in Sammamish, Washington with offices in Florida, Missouri and Oregon. Eastlan Ratings was formed in 1999 and provides radio audience measurement data to over 400 subscribing radio stations in more than 80 markets across the United States. For more background see


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