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Eastlan Now Reaching Out of Market Cell Users

December 15, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Mike Gould (541-318-1100)


(BELLEVUE, WA) Among the most significant challenges for researchers today is reaching respondents who communicate primarily via out-of-market cell phones. Recent methodological advancements, include the addition of electronic interviewing, are allowing Eastlan Ratings to now poll this hard-to-capture group of radio listeners.

In Eastlan's recently completed Fall 2014 survey period, 5.6% of those cell phone users who participated reported their primary cell phone as having area code from outside the market surveyed.

Predictably, Eastlan found radio listeners in markets with a significant student population had the highest percentage of out-of-market cell phones. The Gainesville/Ocala survey area in Florida had 13.2% of all cell phone users reporting out-of-market area codes. Other markets with higher than average penetration included the home of Penn State University: State College PA (11.4%) and the Columbus GA/AL (11.2%).

"Eastlan's methodology is continually advancing," said Eastlan President/CEO Mike Gould. "It is incumbent upon us to reach the broadest representation of the population possible in an economically responsible fashion. We survey using cell phones, out-of-market cell phones, email, the internet, landlines and into the future, any other means that make sense. We have to keep evolving and evolving quickly. Listeners access radio in a rapidly increasing number of ways and it is important for researchers to access those listeners where they are, in real-time, rather than relying on a very select few that might consent to a week of filling out a paper diary."


Eastlan Ratings is a privately held media-research firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Eastlan Ratings was formed in 1999 and provides radio audience measurement data to markets across the United States. For more background see


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