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Eastlan Doubles Down on Need for Neutrality

October 29, 2020

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Gould: “We have a moral obligation to present the entire picture..."

(BELLEVUE, WA) “Radio audience measurement firms are entrusted with a tremendous responsibility-we are relied upon for neutrality”, states Eastlan President/CEO Mike Gould. “Whether one subscriber or many, we have a moral obligation to present the entire picture of a market."

Eastlan will continue to provide full market information in all markets they measure and upon request, will provide new service to markets where Nielsen has exited or chosen not to release full market data. This announcement comes in the wake of Nielsen’s recent announcements dropping service to several small and medium markets and now, limiting access to full market ratings information to advertisers, agencies and rep firms.

The Nielsen decision hits independent broadcasters and small groups hardest. Most impacted are those who can't justify Nielsen prices, especially during a pandemic, and don't receive the discounts of iHeartMedia and other publicly traded conglomerates.

“In a world where my 80 year old Mom can put a picture on social media and, in real time, receive gross impressions data, the radio industry needs and deserves more data, not less. Digital has fueled a massive paradigm shift, even local direct buyers want and deserve easily understandable metrics that support their marketing decisions. We have to work together to ensure small and medium market radio remains easy-to-use for brands, advertisers, buyers, agencies and rep firms”, said Gould. “Nielsen’s focus remains, as it should be, on retaining their customers in the PPM world. However, the needs of small and medium market broadcasters are different, one size does not fit all.”

Eastlan will now be the only ratings vendor in the United States that provides a neutral and transparent, full market measurement. All stations will remain listed, regardless of subscription status.


Eastlan Ratings is a privately held media-research firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Eastlan Ratings was formed in 1999 and provides radio audience measurement data to markets across the United States. For more background see


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