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Broadcaster Reconnects with Eastlan

March 10, 2021

For Immediate Release
Contact:  Mike Gould (541) 318-1100
Ed Levine   (315) 575-3034

Levine: “We’ve got to stop letting a vendor dictate to an entire industry!"

(BELLEVUE, WA) Eastlan Ratings announces new service to three additional markets for Spring 2021: Cumberland MD, Prairie View TX and Syracuse NY. The upstate New York market represents a return of long-time subscriber Galaxy Media.

“Do you still bring your ‘Giant Boom Box’ to station promotions? Then YOU should stick with Nielsen,” suggests Ed Levine, President/CEO of Galaxy Media. “Face it, it’s time to change. Eastlan surveys more people and does it for a fraction of the cost. Their research includes ALL stations. We’ve got to stop letting a vendor dictate to an entire industry. It’s insane and it’s just bad business!”

“Ed echoes what many local radio broadcasters are telling us,” remarked Eastlan Ratings President/CEO. “They’re simply not being heard. Our new initiative is “Putting Radio First”. Everything we do must be with the intent to help broadcasters tell the true story of local radio’s power. We willing accept the responsibility to advocate for local radio. We’ll said it before, whether one subscriber or many, we have a moral obligation to present the entire picture of a market.”

“We are extremely grateful that broadcasters are willing to commit to our product as our nation begins to re-emerge,” said Gould. Just another case in point that broadcasters are an optimistic and resilient breed."

The Spring 2021 books in Cumberland MD, Prairie View TX and Syracuse NY will be delivered on July 28.


Eastlan Ratings is a privately held media-research firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Eastlan Ratings was formed in 1999 and provides radio audience measurement data to markets across the United States. For more background see


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