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Eastlan Now Continuous in Laurel-Hattiesburg

March 31, 2021

For Immediate Release
Contact:  Mike Gould       (541-318-1100)
Larry Blakeney (601-649-0095)

Blakeney: ...”easy choice for small and medium markets like ours”

(BELLEVUE, WA) Laurel-Hattiesburg will be the newest continuously rated radio market in the United States as Eastlan’s service to the market begins April 1.

"We've been studying our ratings ROI and crunching the numbers for a long time. We decided that switching to Eastlan is the only move that makes economic sense for us,” said Larry Blakeney, President/CEO of Blakeney Communications in Laurel-Hattiesburg MS. “We believe Eastlan's continuous year-round measurement, higher sample rates, monthly ratings updates and compatibility with the software systems used by most media buyers make it an easy choice for small and medium markets like ours.”

"We remain solely focused on our ‘Radio First’ mission-helping radio broadcasters like Blakeney Communications prove the resiliency of radio, added Eastlan President/CEO Mike Gould. “Our agency partners are becoming increasingly reliant on Eastlan to help complete the radio picture both locally and nationally in markets just like Laurel-Hattiesburg. The notion of a single source as ratings currency for all radio markets is completely antiqued. We now live in a world where radio cannot be reliably bought using a single data provider.”


Eastlan Ratings is a privately held media-research firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Eastlan Ratings was formed in 1999 and provides radio audience measurement data to markets across the United States. For more background see


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