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Dear Friends of Eastlan,

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us as your audience measurement partner.

In times of crisis, it can be easy to lose perspective and let ourselves be distracted by the spread of anxiety. We are committed to help you and your stations focus on the inevitable opportunities for growth that arise as our country adapts during these unprecedented times.

As a company proudly serving small and medium market broadcasters, we appreciate how critical you've told us the tools we provide are in helping you maintain your business partners. Likewise, please know your business is vital to us.

Eastlan's Spring surveys will begin as scheduled on March 26th and will be delivered on June 29th.

In 1999, Eastlan Ratings was founded as a virtual company. All our processes and procedures have been focused on being nimble, reliable and customer focused. We have more than 20 years experience with our sales, training, research, data processing and administrative teams all working remotely. All of our processes are fully functional allowing us to provide the best audience measurement data to you-as scheduled.

I want to share a couple reasons for optimism. Our experience both professional and personal, make it clear radio is an integral part of the work-at-home experience. Although it's very early in the process, with more people home and relying more on local radio, our daily research is clearly indicating increased usage of radio in small and medium markets.

Whether anxious Americans are seeking local information, entertainment, companionship or escape, this is a time of tremendous opportunity for local radio. We know small and medium market broadcasters like you will adapt and prove radio’s relevance to new generations while reminding of it’s value to others. It’s our belief no other media is able to compare to the unique qualifications of local radio. It’s free, ubiquitous, highly localized, infinitely responsive and instantaneous.

Local radio in small and medium markets becomes more important every day. Eastlan is here to measure that.

Please know we appreciate both your commitment to serve your community and your loyalty to our company.

Continued Success To You,

Mike Gould



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