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Radio Ratings and Audience Research by Eastlan

The most successful broadcasters recognize ratings data plays a vital role is helping to both preserve and growth their revenue stream. Data helps prove both the size and impact of your station's audience. In the old days, only the "agencies" needed to see ratings and "we don't sell with ratings locally". That's no longer the best path. Local direct radio advertisers expect and deserve metrics that help take the mystery out of using radio effectively. They certainly get plenty of data from digital companies.

In today's business environment, the key is keeping your investment in ratings under control to ensure maximum return on your investment.

For 21 years, Eastlan Ratings has helped small and medium market broadcasters get the tools they need to help their advertisers grow. Reach out to us and we'll let you know how inexpensive ratings in your market can be.

Eastlan offers three levels of service:

Year round measurement with 12 monthly reports each year.

For smaller markets, once a year measurement with a full range of demos and dayparts is often enough.

Analysis One:
For the smaller markets, once a year measurement with the most important dayparts and demos. Cost is under $9,000.



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